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Ready for PureSystems

Event Monitor is an application that is an extension of existing solutions from third parties that can deliver information about the measurement of special electronic components / sensors (for example, a rapid change in position such as a fall detection, blood pressure measurement, weight, humidity, measurement of blood sugar etc.).

These elements are incorporated into the SWARM network that contains bridges which connects SWARM to the TCP / IP by either directly connecting to the Ethernet or to the bridge that contains a 3G modem for Internet connection through their mobile operator of their choice.

The d-PROG Solution

  1. The solution:
    • The logical configuration of the network SWARM by assigning sensors to monitored objects.
    • Event processing: based on the occurring events SWARM can send alerts and notifications by e-mail, SMS (currently not implemented yet) or through special surveillance alarm that specifies the need of human intervention (such as assistance, health check, etc.).
    • Recording events and information about their treatment in a patients’ log.
  2. How it is implemented:

    On this Java platform, it includes 3 components:

    • Web-based management interface (which can manage customers who use this service, monitored objects, monitoring devices and assignment to monitored objects and actions to be retrieved by passing the event type for the object and for the customer).
    • Web service that is used to collect information about events processed by the monitoring client. This module also provides even simultaneously sending e-mails and SMS notifications.
    • Supervising client.
  3. The data repository is the RDBMS with JDBC interface. Currently the definition of SQL scripts have created for IBM Informix and PostgreSQL.

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