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Technical support

imTo ensure the smooth running of our solutions, we provide our customers with comprehensive customer support and technical support services through our own dedicated Customer Support Center.

Standard services provided by the Customer Support Center include:

  • Hot-line – phone help to customers.
  • Servis-Desk – addresses service and development requirements that can not be solved through a telephone consultation. Customer Support Center guarantees take-over and service request.

The specific mode and scope of technical support is governed by a Closed Service Agreement. Within the Service Agreement, the customer selects a specific service program that defines service parameters and service delivery solutions, including SLA – Service Level Agreement. The service program gives customers the opportunity to choose the optimal service performance of the system based on flat-rate payments.

1404038123Managed development and protection of embedded investments

In practice, we do this by:

  • regular revisions
  • managed development in line with new requirements
  • regular upgrade of software and infrastructure

By maintaining the information system on the current version, an investment related to its acquisition is assessed. Therefore, we offer our customers various options for continuous or one-time upgrades. This enables us, among other things, a licensing program that provides customers with access to the latest versions of the information system.